What Does My ABS Light Mean?

Flashing of the ABS light more often than not is a prelude to a series of possible issues which might arise due to defective brakes or malfunctioning of the anti locking system. It is important to verify the condition of the sensor related to your cars ABS system. The ABS sensor may need cleaning due to persistent usage which leads to deposition of dirt. Blinking of an ABS light might also occur due to problems in the code of your vehicles ABS computer system. It is also good idea to check the condition of the fuse for the ABS system before proceeding ahead with any further trouble shooting.

The ABS light is a very important warning that must be handled immediately, to ensure the well being and safety of others on the road. Modern day vehicles are now built with automated computer controls which play an instrumental role in your vehicles performance. If you have ABS brakes your vehicle will have a computer that helps control the vehicles brakes based on the speed of the wheels. Computer systems in modern vehicles are used to conduct automated routine operations that check for defective components. If an issue arises with your cars ABS brakes, a signal will be triggered to set off the ABS light located on the dash board panel.

ABS Warning Light

Grinding noises are one of the most common symptoms related to improper functioning brakes.  They should be equipped with sufficient lining to handle the constant wear and tear that occurs during your normal driving routine. You should also ensure that your vehicle has the proper amount of brake fluid to keep brake problems to a minimum. If your ABS light stays on, checking the ABS controller with the help of a scan tool can help determine if your vehicles ABS controller needs to be replaced. The above mentioned techniques help solve the problem in a majority of cases. However in case where the ABS light continues to flash after the above mentioned recommendations, it may be best to finally ask a mechanic.

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